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philosophy review 2 - Noonan Believes abortion is morally...

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Noon an - Believes abortion is morally wrong - Defends the conservative view that an entity becomes a person at conception and abortion is morally wrong - Exception- abortion can be done only if it the mother’s life is in danger due to the pregnancy - A fetus is recognized as human after conception because it has potential - Says that if you are conceived by humans than you are human- you are biologically human - At conception the new being receives the genetic code. It is this genetic information, which determines his characteristics, which is the biological carrier of the possibility of human wisdom, which makes him a self- evolving being. A being with a human genetic code is a man. - Noonan’s response to objections Viability- is highly variable - depending on the state of current technology, the genetic inheritance of the fetus. The fetus is still absolutely dependent on someone's care in order to continue existence. There is not the clear line between dependence and independence Experience- The embryo, he points out, as responsive to touch, is "experiencing" in a morally important sense. Embryo is responsive to touch after eight weeks. Zygote is alive responding to environment at an earlier stage. - Aphasia is adult can erase memory but is still considered to have its humanity Sentiment - feeling is an unsure guide to the humanity of others. Sight is even untrustworthy than feeling. Social visibility- Anyone conceived by a man and woman is human. Recognition of this condition by society follows a real event in the objective order, however imperfect and halting the recognition. Any attempt to limit humanity to exclude some group runs the risk of furnishing authority and precedent for excluding other groups in the name of the consciousness or perception of the controlling group in the society. Mary Anne Warren - Defends the liberal view that abortion is always morally acceptable - Attacks Noonan’s argument on the basis of an ambiguity in using the term human being - The term has a biological and moral sense - The term “human” has two distinct senses: - Genetic sense- the sense in which any member of the species is a human being and no member of any other species could be - Moral community- consists of all and only people rather than all and only human beings - She believes a fetus is less person-like than an average mature mammal - She thinks that no legal restrictions can be justified on the grounds that we should protect the rights of an older fetus - Preservation of a fetus contrary to a woman’s wishes violates her rights to freedom and happiness
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- Objection- preservation doesn’t violate her rights once the baby is born (adoption) - Infanticide - the killing of a new born baby - A newborn infant is not a great deal more person like than a nine month fetus, and thus it might seem that if late-term abortion is sometimes justified, then infanticide must also be sometimes justified - A fetus is not a person of they don’t satisfy all 5 concepts of personhood
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philosophy review 2 - Noonan Believes abortion is morally...

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