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philopshy final review

philopshy final review - Punishment Kant-believes in...

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Punishment Kant -believes in capital punishment - lex talionis- eye for an eye - if you steal from someone it gives others permission to steal from you - just talionis (law of retribution)- punishment should be proportionate to the crime - if someone is going to die it is better that it’s a guilty person rather than someone whos innocent Sherriff Example A man committed a crime but is now dead The public wont be happy if they don’t find out who did it The sherriff has the option to frame an innocent man - kant says this is wrong because he would be punishing someone for utilitarian reasons Bedau -against capital punishment and retributive punishment -doesn’t believe in “eye for an eye’ punishment - you should use no more violence than is necessary to punish someone - deterrence- doesn’t think capital punishment deters crime - retribution- any punishment can be retributive - capital punishment is barbaric -long term imprisonment is enough -thurgood marshall- gregg v. Georgia - violates the 8 th amendment (cruel and un usual punishment) Torture Bentham Believes in torture when it benefits society Torture is morally acceptable when: 1.
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