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Euthanasia notes - -It will be used as way to better the...

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Euthanasia Passive- when you pull the pug on the mechanism that is keeping someone alive Voluntary- patient has consent- do not resuscitate Non voluntary- Active- someone other than the patient administers a drug that kills the patient (additional thing that ends someone’s life) Voluntary- acts and consents to the overdose of a drug Non voluntary- overdose without patient’s consent Kamisar - Doesn’t think euthanasia should be legalized - Utilitarian-bad for society and more unhappiness in the long run
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Unformatted text preview: -It will be used as way to better the life of relatives and not the patient-Could mistake the patients consent-Mistaken diagnosis- could be cured-Legalizing voluntary euthanasia can lead to involuntary euthanasia Values underlying case for voluntary euthanasia-it is cruel to continue someone’s suffering-family members suffer as well-denies a patients freedom to choose what they do with their life Replies to Kamisar’s arguments-pain could be exaggerated-...
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