hardin - and future problems- each rich nation is like a...

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Garrett Hardin- lifeboat ethics: case against helping the poor - argues that the proper metaphor that characterizes our global ecological situation is not “spaceship” but ‘lifeboat” - affluent societies (people in lifeboats) ought to ensure their own survival by preserving a safety factor of resources - giving away their resources to needy nations or admitting needy immigrants is like taking on additional passengers who would threaten to cause the lifeboat to capsize - this means it is our moral duty to refrain from aiding the poor - “spaceship” is used as a way to persuade everyone to stop wasting and polluting our natural resources- we all share the earth so no one person has the right to destroy it -a spaceship would have to be under control of a captain and not a committee –earth doesn’t have a captain - spaceship metaphor is misleading since the earth has no captain to steer it through its present
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Unformatted text preview: and future problems- each rich nation is like a lifeboat in an ocean in which the poor of the world are swimming and in danger of drowning – Humanitarian Aid (World Food Bank)- The operational consequences of opening a world food bank are that poorer countries will not be motivated to adequately prepare for emergencies- This will also enable the “ratchet effect” on the population of poorer countries “ratchet effect’- Lifeboat ethics The tragedy of the commons:- if a pasture becomes a commons to all the right of each to use it may not be matched by a corresponding responsibility to protect it- in a crowded world of less than perfect human beings, mutual ruin is inevitable if there are no controls- there needs to be a replacement of the system of the commons with a system of control Pure justice vs. reality...
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hardin - and future problems- each rich nation is like a...

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