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kant capital punishment

kant capital punishment - • It makes your property less...

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Immanual kant Capital punishment What justifies any sort of punishment Distinction between what is moral and what should be made legal View of punishment that Kant rejects He rejects consequential utilitarianism view that punishment will have good consequences for society as a whole Objections Sheriff example The only one who should be punished are those who are guilty Shouldn’t punish someone to benefit society Prisoner and medical experiment example (369) Reductio ad absurdum Law of retribution If you steal from someone you are also stealing from yourself
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Unformatted text preview: • It makes your property less secure • A principle for civil authorities and not for feuding families Flexibility of Jus Talionis • Punishment has to be proportional to the crime • Not literally an eye for an eye • Doesn’t think that mentally disabled should be held to the same standards because they aren’t fully rational Jus Talionis and the death penalty • Unless the person is punished than society is complicit in the crime...
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