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SINGER’S VIEWPOINT Singer is pro animal rights He believes we should extend to other species the basic principle of equality that we think should be extended to our own species. Singer defines speciesism as the prejudice that favors one’s own species over every other. He makes three claims against it--equality is based on equal consideration, equality is a moral idea not a factual one, and that the capacity for suffering is a requirement for rights. 1 st claim- singer shows that arguments for not extending rights to non-humans are inconsistent he notes that equality does not require equal rights for instance- he claim that men have a right to an abortion is just as incoherent as dogs having a right to vote. 2 nd claim- makes the argument as to why equality is a moral idea and not an statement of fact. Does this by going through claims made in defense of racism, sexism, and arguments against the equality of all humans. He goes
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