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Poverty Notes - Socy105Poverty/Homelessness 20:39...

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Socy 105-Poverty/Homelessness 20:39 What is the meaning of “class”? A group of people Money three classes(lower, middle and upper) and they are grouped  together by money/income, material items, education, culture Proximity tor4 fcccccccc power Resources Network  Social ranking o Occupation o Skin color (race/ethnicity) o Region  Forced onto people Membership culture Taste o Food o Clothes o Cars o Houses o Jewelry o Technology o Traveling  o Charity  New Money vs. Old Money Showing how you are o Work/language (old money is more polite/classier says thank you and  please more often then new money) Appearance  Under Class
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Severe poor Homeless Welfare  Children Able-bodied Poor Worthy Poor Causes of Poverty/Factors of Homelessness Fire (beyond control) Natural disaster Domestic violence Health problems Job location Death of provider
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Poverty Notes - Socy105Poverty/Homelessness 20:39...

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