Midterm II Answer Key

Midterm II Answer Key - Name Midterm Exam II Description...

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Name Mid Descript Instructi Question Answer Question Answer Question make skel Answer Question to detach c Answer Question crossbridg Answer Question Answer dterm Exam II tion ons Match the app The smallest True or false? etal muscle co True or false? crossbridges. True or false? ges formed. During a syna propriate state Match D. - E. - C. - B. - A. - level of organ ? Disruptions t ontractions im ? Upon death, ? Ultimately, th T F apse event, __ A. sod B. C. D. ement with the Question Item A. Troponin B. Tropomyo C. Myosin D. Actin E. Sarcoplas reticulum ization in a sk to the normal possible. skeletal musc Tru Fal he amount of f True False ____ binds to ium acetylcholine synaptic vesic calcium e best option. ms An A. ce osin B. cro C. fro D. smic E. keletal muscle A. mus B. f C. mus D. ionic concentr cles maintain t e se force generate chemically ga cle nswer Items Storage site ells. Binds to the ossbridges. Requires the om the thin fila Binds to calc Blocks active is: scle organ. fascicle. scle fiber. myofibril. rations on eith True False tension (rigor) ed by a muscle ted channels for calcium in thick filament e binding of AT ament. cium. e sites on thin er side of the ) because no c e is determine on the motor e skeletal musc forming TP to release filament. sarcolemma w calcium is ava ed by the num end plate. cle it will ailable ber of
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Question Answer Question Order the f resting mo 1. Action p 2. Myosin h 3. Synaptic 4. Action p 5. Calcium 6. Acetylch Answer Question individual Answer Question Answer Question Answer Why is acetyl following event tor unit: otential travels heads pivot tow c vesicles relea otential travels diffuses throu holine diffuses The ______ i muscle organ The T tubules When would i choline releas A. B syna B. B the C. B acet D. B neu ts in the correc s down sarcolem wards the M lin ase contents s down motor n gh channels on across the syn A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 E. 1 s a connective . A. e B. p C. endo D. d s: A. ca sarco B. tra C. co D. ha E. ca reticu it be impossib A. If high. B.
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Midterm II Answer Key - Name Midterm Exam II Description...

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