socy ch 2 - SOCIOLOGY OUTLINE CHAPTER 2 Asking and...

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SOCIOLOGY OUTLINE CHAPTER 2 Asking and Answering Sociological Questions Sociological Questions -from different theoretical approaches A ration choice – how is behavior in the tearooms a rational response to opportunities and constraints? Interractionist – how does this behavior occur through processes of interaction? Functionalist – what contribution does the tearoom make to the continuation of society as a whole? Marxist – is thinking about economic class relations apparent in the tearooms? Feminist – how can women’s lives be considered in this study of an all male-group -good soc work phrases the questions as precisely as possible nad gathers factual evidence before drawing conclusions. -research methods - used to figure out how to best analyze results -factual questions/empirical questions -comparative questions – relating one social context within a society to another or contrasting examples from different societies -developmental questions – asking about previous forms of society -empirical investigations – concerned with how things occur -theoretical questions – interpreting what the facts mean The Research Process o Defining the research problem – all research starts from a problem o Reviewing the evidence – what have researchers in the past found out about this question o Making the problem precise – hypothesis – formulating the research problem o Working out a design – decides how to collect the research materials, choosing from a range of methods according to the objectives of the study
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socy ch 2 - SOCIOLOGY OUTLINE CHAPTER 2 Asking and...

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