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CRIM105 TEST EXAM #1 Problems with UCR- underreporting its voluntary to report crime. Falsification the jurisdiction can change numbers to make themselves look better hierarchy rule if a rape and a murder only goes down as a murder Problems with Victimization surveys- only talk to the head of the house so child abuse, homicide in the family don’t get reported victims subject to memory loss-information may be skewed/false. Problems with Self report surveys- convenience samples, underreporting. Crime is decreasing especially in homicide because we have shock trauma where if you are shot you are most likely going to survive if you go to shock trauma and homicide crime is recorded in deaths, not shootings. POSITIVIST- biological and psychological people are pushed into committing crime by certain factors Determinism vs. interaction Biological psychological and environmental factors influence the development of traits conducive to crime. Traits conducive to crime influence the social environment in ways that increase the likelihood of crime→ if you’re born with a trait to connect you to crime its not just the trait that causes you to commit crime, it’s the trait and the environment— Dual hazard prediction -historically, criminals were though to be biologically inferior to non-criminals→ physiognomy (study of face) and phrenology (study of skull)→ Cesare Lombroso roso “father of criminology” believed criminology could be determined by studying people. - William Sheldon- Somatotyping (endomorph-comfortable, jolly, non-criminal, mesomorph- muscular, aggressive, long arms, criminal and ectomorph- thin, delicate, small ,sensitive, non-criminal) GORING- Crime is inherited in the same way as other physical traits and features. - twin and adoptive studies.
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