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Study Guide - Exam I I. Immigration A. What were the origins of New Immigrants versus Old Immigrants? “first Americans” migrated in search of food from Asia across from Siberia New: Old: B. What were their motivations for coming to America? Push- To escape hardships (poverty, famine, religious, political Pull- American golden opportunity, higher wages, better life C. What conditions did they encounter? 1. How does Riis describe the living conditions in NYC? Overcrowding, no clean water, not a lot of food, small, dirt 2. What solutions does Riis propose? D. What were Nativist concerns about New Immigrants? Started public schooling and enforced child labor laws 1. Why did they seek to restrict immigration? Takinmg up jobs some couldn’t be Americonized 2. Describe important federal immigration legislation Chinese exclusion act Johnson and Reed – limited immigration to 2% II. Urbanization and Industrialization A. What were the problems associated with urban slums? How did the philosophy of “laissez-faire” contribute to slum problems? “Laissez-faire” means no government involvement. So since there was no
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EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE - Study Guide Exam I I Immigration A...

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