Chemistry ch 1 and 2

Chemistry ch 1 and 2 - Summary sheet chapters 1,2 & 3...

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Chemistry: the study of matter and changes it undergoes Matter : Anything that has mass and takes up space ELEMENT : simplest form of matter that exists under normal lab conditions Ex. Au, He, Ag ATOM ; smallest particle of an element Families: up and down (vertical) 1A Alkali Metals Periods: horizontal (right and left) METALS Good conductors, reflect light and electricity Shine Malleable and ductile ** GIVE AWAY ELECTRONS= POSTIVE IONS Have sea of electrons NON-METALS Poor conductors Many are gas *SOME like to GAIN ELECTRONS= NEGATIVE IONS METALLOIDS B, Si, Ge, As, Sb, Te, Po, At Have characteristics of both metals and nonmetals Know Transition Metals 1A Family ALKALI METALS 2A Family ALKALI EARTH METALS 7A Family HALOGENS 8A Family NOBLE GASES/ INERT GASES COMPOUND : 2 or more different elements combined in a set ratio MOLECULE : smallest unit of a compound Ex. Sugar C 6 H 12 O 6 MIXTURE : made of 2 or more PURE SUBSTANCES that can be SEPARATED Ex. Sugar, Salt. SLUDGE HERTEROGENEOUS ; Mixture not one in uniform composition (salad) HOMOGENEOUS : a mixture that has complete uniform composition (salt water, air) CHROMATAGRAPHY : different substances in a mixture move at DIFFERENT speed Through the filer paper DUE TO DIFFERENT Solubility’s, size, density. DISTILLATION:
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Chemistry ch 1 and 2 - Summary sheet chapters 1,2 & 3...

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