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Angiography procedure slide

Angiography procedure slide - • Vital signs • Groin...

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SAFE TY Invasive Procedure: Angiography, Cardiac Catheterization Indications Pre- Procedure Post-Procedure Determines blood flow in areas of suspected blockage. Angiograp hy can be done in lower extremities. Cardiac catheterizat ion used to evaluate the presence and degree of coronary artery blockage Assess for all allergies & reactions, (i.e. shellfish, iodine anesthetic agents other allergies) Witness informed consent Establish baseline Vital signs & pulses Assess BUN, Creat Educate about procedure , Assess every 15 min x 4, 30 min x 2, every hour x 4 and then every 4 hours per protocol:
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Unformatted text preview: • Vital signs • Groin site for bleeding hematoma • Document pedal pulses, • Color and temp of extremities • Maintain bed rest, supine position with leg straight • Pain medication as ordered and needed • Administer IV & PO fluids as ordered, • Monitor I and O • Perform /assist with sheath removal from vessel – • Administer antiplatelet or thrombolytic agents as ordered • Discharge Instructions: • Avoid strenuous exercise for prescribed period • Report bleeding from site, chest pain, SOB, Copyright, I CAN Publishing, Inc., 2010...
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