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016_War-Fever_Futurism.doc WAR FEVER AND FUTURISM Various “voices” of 1914 Various poems Background: Eugen Weber, Futurism Marinetti, The Foundation of Futurism Marinetti, Futurist Manifesto Various “Voices” of 1914 AUGUST 10 Germans enter Antwerp. Isn't it luck for me to have been born so as to be just the right age and just in the right place - not too high up to be worried and to enjoy it to the most! -Julian Grenfell My own attitude towards the conflict was simple and clear. In my eyes it was not Austria fighting to get -a little .satisfaction out of Serbia but Germany fighting for her life, the German nation for its 'to be or not to be', its freedom and its future . . .Now began for me, as for every German, the greatest and most unforgettable period of my lice. Compared with the events of that mighty struggle, all the past fell into empty oblivion. I think with pride and sorrow of those days and back to the weeks of the beginning of our nation's heroic fight, in which kind fortune allowed me to partake. -Adolf Hitler Despite all my hatred and aversion for war, I should not have liked` to have missed the memory of those first days. As never before thousands and thousands felt What they should have felt in peace time -.that they belonged together. . -Stefan Zweig Chosen daughter of the Lord, Spouse-in-Chief of the ancient sword, There's the menace of the Word In the Song on your bugles blown, England- Out of heaven on your bugles blown! -W. E. Henley e: How glad 1 am that tomorrow 1 shall at last be able to join in the campaign. At last I shall he playing illy part, proving with my life what I think and feel. -Ernst Toller All my Libido is for Austria- Hungary. - Sigmund Freud AUGUST I5 Sir 1
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016_War-Fever_Futurism.doc Against the vast majority of my countrymen, even at this moment, in the name of humanity and civilization, I protest against our share in the destruction of Germany. A month ago Europe a was a peaceful comity of nations; if an Englishman killed a German, he was hanged. Now, if an Englishman kills a German, or if a German kills an Englishman, he is a patriot, who has deserved well of his country. We scan the news papers with greedy eyes for news of slaughter, and rejoice when we read of innocent young men, blindly obedient to the word of command, mown down in thousands by the machine-guns of Liege. Those who saw the London crowds, during the nights leading up to the Declaration of War saw a .whole population, hitherto peaceable and humane, precipitated in a few days down the steep slope to primitive barbarism, letting loose, in a moment; the instincts of hatred and blood lust against which the whole fabric of society has been raised, .'Patriots' in all countries acclaim this brutal orgy as a noble determination to vindicate the right; reason and mercy arc swept away in one great flood of hatred; dim abstractions of unimaginable wickedness - Germany to us and the French, Russia to, the Germans - conceal the simple fact that the enemy are men, like ourselves, neither
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16-War-Fever-Futurism - 016_War-Fever_Futurism WAR FEVER...

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