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018_Inter-War.doc READINGS: INTER-WAR CULTURE Ernst Friedrich, Extract from 'War Against War' W. B. Yeats, The Second Comin Franz Kafka, Selections . Alfred Döblin, Berlin Alexanderplatz Readings on George Grosz Ernst Friedrich, Extract from 'War Against War' To Human Beings in all lands! I, who am falsely called "German" instead of just simply "man". I call out to the icy regions of the North, I call out to Africa and to America, to Asia and to Europe. To all regions that have ears to hear I call out but two words and these are Man and Love And even as the Australian weeps when he encounters pain, and laughs and makes merry when joy and happiness are granted him, even so dost thou weep, my brother Eskimo, and so, O African and O Chinese, weepest thou too and so weep I. And as we all, all human beings, equally feel joy and pain, let us fight unitedly against the common monstrous enemy, War. We shall unite in protesting against, in weeping over the accursed mass murders for which we all bear equal guilt. But let us also raise our eyes cheerfully to the red dawn of freedom and peace. To the Fatherland of all Fatherlands, to the Fatherland of human beings which stands above all! In many books have many words been written for and against this most diabolical, this meanest and lowest of all crimes of the State. The bourgeois poet in his strength glorified this War in verse and the proletarian writer wrote in glowing wrath against this mass murder. But all the treasury of words of all men of all lands suffices not, in the present and in the future, to paint correctly this butchery of human beings. Here, however, in the present book, - partly by accident, partly intentionally - a picture of War, objectively true and faithful to nature, has been photographically recorded for all time. The pictures in this book from page 53 to the end, show records obtained by the inexorable, incorruptible photographic lens, of the trenches and the mass graves, of "military lies", of the "field of honour", and of other "idylls" of the "Great Epoch". And not one single man of any country whatsoever can arise and bear witness against these photographs, that they are untrue and that they do not correspond to realities. And no one comes and says: "0 how frightful that such pictures should be shown!" But he says rather: "At last, at last the mask has been torn away from this "field of honour", from this lie of an "heroic death", and from all the other beautiful phrases, from all this international swindle the mask has at last, yea, at last, been torn away!!" This book is dedicated to all war profiteers and parasites, to all war provokers, and is consecrated also to the "kings", generals, presidents and ministers of all lands. To the priests, however, who blessed the weapons in the name of God, this book is
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18-Inter-War - 018_Inter-War.doc READINGS: INTER-WAR...

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