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Introducing_Solid_Foods_to_Infants - foods(no dinners or...

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Introducing Solid Foods to Infants When foods are introduced depends on: Infant’s nutritional needs Physical readiness to take food from a spoon and swallow Control of allergic reactions Guidelines Introduce foods one at a time starting with cereals and feeding each food for several days before starting the next Use single ingredient baby
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Unformatted text preview: foods (no dinners or desserts) or home blenderized foods without salt • Offer small servings (2-3Tbsp.) • Dilute infant juices and offer in moderation (by cup) • Offer a wide variety of foods and several snacks • Avoid honey and choking hazard foods: popcorn, nuts, hot dogs, grapes • Encourage self feeding with supervision...
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Introducing_Solid_Foods_to_Infants - foods(no dinners or...

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