New 2009 Study Guide for Exam 2

New 2009 Study Guide for Exam 2 - NURS 220 Study Guide for...

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NURS 220 Study Guide for Exam 2 Chapters 7-12 Chapter 7 1. Explain the following causes/theories of obesity: Lipoprotein Lipase Activity – Fat Cell Development- Set Point Theory– Learned Behavior– Ob gene/Leptin Production- 2. List Body Mass Indexes and % or pounds over ideal weight that indicate the following conditions: Overweight – Obese – Morbidly or Clinically Severe Obesity – 3. List 4 benefits of exercise as part of a weight control program. 4. List three diseases that obese individuals are at increased risk of developing: 5. List three more aggressive weight loss treatments that may be necessary for morbidly obese individuals. 6. List 6 recommendations for a diet that promotes long term weight loss (including three recommendations regarding the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat): 7. List two things that might indicate a person has anorexia nervosa: 8. Give two ways to calculate the number of kcals. someone should take in to lose weight gradually while sparing lean tissue? (hint: give a quick rule of thumb, and a more accurate way using mathematical calculations like you did in the case study)
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9. Name two behavior modification strategies that have been found useful in weight control. Chapter 8 1. Name the fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. Which are stored in the body, and therefore do not have to be ingested daily? 2. Name a general category of food that is a reliable source of most B vitamins. 3.
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New 2009 Study Guide for Exam 2 - NURS 220 Study Guide for...

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