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Nutritional Support for Stress

Nutritional Support for Stress - To Refeed Properly Base...

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Nutritional Support for Stress Immediate Concerns: Treat infection Restore blood flow and oxygenation May provide: IVs to correct fluids and electrolytes Antibiotics Draining abcesses Debridement of tissue Transfusions When hypermetabolism subsides: Restore nutrient deficits Promote energy balance Promote + Nitrogen balance Beware of Refeeding Syndrome: Occurs when depleted person is given nutrients too rapidly Results in: Malabsorption, Cardiac Insufficiency, Respiratory Distress, Heart Failure, and Coma
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Unformatted text preview: To Refeed Properly: Base fluid needs on clinical measures (i.e. blood pressure, urinary output) Closely monitor serum electrolytes Give enough energy for healing and immune function, but not so much as to stress heart and lungs Measure energy needs by Indirect calorimetry, calculating BEE, or using 25-30 kcals./kg. Give 1.0 to 1.5 gms protein per kg. for stress (more for burns)...
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