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Appendix D: Self-Test Solutions and Answers to Even-Numbered Exercises Chapter 1 2. a. 9 b. 4 c. Categorical: country and room rate Quantitative: number of rooms and overall score d. Country is nominal; room rate is ordinal; number of rooms is ratio; overall score is interval 3. a. Average number of rooms 5 808/9 5 89.78, or approxi- mately 90 rooms b. Average overall score 5 732.1/9 5 81.3 c. 2 of 9 are located in England; approximately 22% d. 4 of 9 have a room rate of $$; approximately 44% 4. a. 10 b. All brands of minisystems manufactured c. $314 d. $314 6. Questions a, c, and d provide quantitative data Questions b and e provide categorical data 8. a. 1005 b. Categorical c. Percentages d. Approximately 291 10. a. Quantitative; ratio b. Categorical; nominal c. Categorical; ordinal d. Quantitative; ratio e. Categorical; nominal 12. a. All visitors to Hawaii b. Yes c. First and fourth questions provide quantitative data Second and third questions provide categorical data 13. a. Earnings in billions of dollars are quantitative data b. Time series for 1997 to 2005 c. Earnings for Volkswagen d. Earnings are relatively low in 1997 to 1999, excellent growth occurs in 2000 and 2001, and decline hap- pens in 2003 to 2005; the decline in earnings sug- gests the $600 million projected earnings for 2006 is reasonable e. In July 2001, the earnings tread was positive; Volkswagen would have been a promising investment in 2001 f. Be careful when projecting time series data into the future, because trends in past data may or may not continue 14. a. Graph with a time series line for each manufacturer b. Toyota surpasses General Motors in 2006 to become the leading auto manufacturer c. A bar chart would show cross-sectional data for 2007; bar heights would be GM 8.8, Ford 7.9, DC 4.6, and Toyota 9.6 16. a. Product taste tests and test marketing b. Specially designed statistical studies 18. a. 36% b. 189 c. Categorical 20. a. 43% of managers were bullish or very bullish, and 21% of managers expected health care to be the leading industry over the next 12 months b. The average 12-month return estimate is 11.2% for the population of investment managers c. The sample average of 2.5 years is an estimate of how long the population of investment managers think it will take to resume sustainable growth 22. a. All registered voters in California b. Registered voters contacted by the Policy Institute c. Too time consuming and costly to reach the entire population 24. a. Correct b. Incorrect c. Correct d. Incorrect e. Incorrect Chapter 2 2. a. .20 b. 40 c/d. 3. a. 360° 3 58/120 5 174° b. 360° 3 42/120 5 126° Percent Class Frequency Frequency A4 4 2 2 B3 6 1 8 C8 0 4 0 D4 0 2 0 Total 200 100 56130_23_appendixD.qxd 2/23/08 12:34 AM Page 875
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876 Appendix D Self-Test Solutions and Answers to Even-Numbered Exercises c. d. 4. a. Categorical b. d. CSI had the largest; DH was second 6. a. b. CBS and NBC tied for first; ABC is close with 15 7.
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0324598270_144657bs - economics

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