110214u - AGENDA Review for exam 1 Test format REVIEW FOR...

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Sheet1 Page 1 AGENDA Review for exam 1 Test format REVIEW FOR EXAM 1 Summary statistics Probability concepts Probability distributions (discrete) Probability densities (continuous) BASIC SUMMARY STATISTICS Mean Variance Standard Deviation Median Quartiles Mode Min Max PROBABILITY CONCEPTS Sample spaces and Venn Diagrams Permutations and combinations) Probability· Mathematical expectation‘ VENN DIAGRAMS PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS Permutations When solution element order matters Combinations When solution element order does not matter PROBABILITY n equally likely possibilities s successes Probability of success is s/n Probability examples Getting a 6 on a dice roll = 1/6 Drawing an ace in a deck of cards = 4/52 CONDITIONAL PROBABILITY What is the probability of event A given event B has occurred Example Probability of high fidelity =0.81 Probability of both high fidelity and high selectivity=0.18 Probability of high selectivity with high fidelity=0.18 / 0.81 BAYES THEORM Extension of Conditional Probability If B1, B2,+ Bn are mutually exclusive events of which one must occur then the probability of Br given event A is:
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Sheet1 Page 2 MATHEMATICAL EXPECTATION Mathematical Expectation For amounts a1, a2, ) ak With probabilities p1, p2, · pk E=a1*p1+a2*p2+& ak*pk Example 1000 raffle tickets Winning prize is $500 E for a single ticket=1/1000 * $500=$0.50 DISCRETE DISTRIBUTIONS
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110214u - AGENDA Review for exam 1 Test format REVIEW FOR...

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