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Dr. HJ Yeo – Spring 2011 Homework #1 BCHS 3304 – Spring 2011 Review of Basic Calculations, Life, Thermodynamics, and Water Note: This homework will not be collected. However, quizzes and exams will assume that you have completed and understand the homework assignment and can answer related questions. Reading Assignment : Chapter 1 of Biochemistry Chapter 2 of Biochemistry . Show all work and remember to incorporate your units throughout your calculations. 1 . Convert using scientific notation to liters: 8 nanoliters, 22 microliters, 40 milliliters, 9 deciliters, 6 kiloliters. 2 . Convert using scientific notation to grams: 6.1 mg, 22 μ g, 21 mg, 103 ng, 10 kg . 3 . You have just begun your Senior Honor's Thesis. Your advisor asks you to make a series of stock solutions. She also explains that you may use a pH meter to adjust the pH. Calculate how much of the solid reagent you would add to make the following: A. 200 ml 1 M Tris, pH 8.0 (MW=121.4 g/mole) B. 1.0 L 5 M NaCl (MW= 58.44 g/mole)
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