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Cetin Dik ME 134 – Wed 8-11 3 March 2008 Mr. Bahringer Pulley Write-Up The pulley challenge was in actuality looked very simple when just examining the diagrams on the page, but when it came to getting it to work was very complex. The ropes would sometimes get off the pulleys or jam when trying to pull as it would tangle up the pulleys in some weird way with the weight. However when done right after a few tries with each of the diagrams it was as I said earlier quite easy as we only had to just copy the diagrams given to us. It became a lot more difficult when the idea of a complex pulley was thrown into the equation. We now had to design one where it would work with 6 tensions on both sides of the rope to gain a mechanical advantage of 36 since
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Unformatted text preview: when it became two different pulley systems, since it would just be the multiplication of the two advantages. Then the professor requested that we gain an amount of advantage higher than 100 since Archimedes must have had to do that with pulling such a large boat so far away. We just added a quite easy one with a four pulley method basically multiply the advantage of 36 by four and gaining our goal of over 100. I believe overall it was a general group success as we learned how easy it is to move a very heavy object with the right pulley design whether the distance is close in the case of our experiments or very far in the case of Archimedes with his boat....
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