Ch 13 Implementing Security Plan_Crisis Mgt

Regulations terrorism environmental hazards

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Unformatted text preview: ence Succession planning White collar crime Low inventory Theft External Threats Civil Unrest Tornado Espionage Missed deliveries Fire Flooding Govt. regulations Terrorism Environmental Hazards Poor media image Weather concerns Low supplies Lightning Firewalls Phone outage Informational Technology Threats Informational Technology Threats System failure Viruses Hardware failure Software malfunction Service provider problems Lost files Corrupt files Fire Wall Sample Threat Matrix Sample Threat Matrix Minor Medium Likely Possibl Unlikely e B A E G D CF Significant A – A bad case of athlete’s foot is reported in the locker room B – A player has been stealing from other players C – A hail storm hits during a tournament D – Cars are broken into in the parking lot during an event E – A person breaks their leg during an event F – A spectator slips on the sidewalk and is injured G – Lightning strikes during the event First Aid station Base medical stations Roving medics Emergency transportation Automatic external defibrillators Used for sudden cardiac arrest American Heart Assoc. says between 250,000 & 350,000 people die from cardiac arrest The single most important determinant to survival is the time from collapse to defibrillation. Each minute of delay decreases the chance of survival by 7 to 10%. The City of Coral Gables passed Ordinance 2007­21 regarding defibrillators in buildings. The Ordinance requires that defibrillators be installed in buildings within the City as follows: •Places of public assembly •Office buildings in excess of 20,000 sf •Gymnasiums, fitness centers, and indoor recreational centers in excess of 1,500 sf •Restaurants with more than 100 seats, indoor or outdoor •Commercial and retail spaces in excess of 35,000 sf •All hotels and motels •The Ordinance has...
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