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Animal Behavior -based on physiological systems and processes A behavior is: - the nervous system’s response to a stimulus and is carried out y the muscular or the hormonal system - an animal’s response to external and internal stimuli - subject to natural selection - in behavioral ecology, a signal is a behavior that causes a change in another animal’s behavior - communication is the transmission and reception of signals - the type of signal is closely related to lifestyle and environment Components of Communication
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Unformatted text preview: Sender (Signal) (noise) Receiver-Goal is to create a change in behavior of the receiver Functions of Communication-Agonistic: contests/aggression between individuals-Courtship: attract and maintain mate-Food related: begging response in chicks-Alarm: when predator is close Signal Types: AUDITORY VISUAL CHEMICAL ELECTRICAL Interspecific Chemical communication-released by one specieas that affects the behavior of a member of another species...
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