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Navigation and Orientation

Navigation and Orientation - -if they flapped the entire...

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Navigation and Orientation Monarch butterflies A lot go to mexico for the winter Put on a lot of lipids from sep – nov Migrate Low metabolism low eating while in mexico Monarch enery budget is unfavorable - flight metabolism @ 22 degrees (Q10=3.02)=0.172 Kcal/g/h - and they get 9.4 Kcal/g of lipid (compare 4.2 for carbs) - 143 mg will buy about 12h flight - at flapping airspeed of 12.9 km/h 157km
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Unformatted text preview: -if they flapped the entire way there: o cost = 3627 mg-THEY MAKE IT AND ONLY USE ABOUT 30mg OF FAT Monarchs gain height with little energetic cost-use thermals to life without using too much energy-use anabatic winds-use slope lift for BIRDS, both magnectic orientation and sun, are sufficient for orientation, but neithe is necessary. Sun is a stronger cue than magnetic....
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