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European Retailer THROTTLEMAN IMPROVES SUPPLY CHAIN with RFID Company :Throttleman Application: Item-level tracking for fashion retailer Area of Use: Distribution center Tag Supplier: Alien Technology® Frequency: 866 MHz Systems Integrator: Creativesystems Challenge Improve retail supply chain to restock stores more quickly Solution RFID hang tags, middleware and reader Toolset includes: ± EPC-compliant Alien Technology® Corporation Gen 2 Squiggle® inlay converted ± Sybase RFID Anywhere middleware Benefits ± Tag 1.5 million garments through the supply chain, most of which come from Asia to Europe ± Reduced the time clothing spends in the distribution center from five days to 24 hours ± Restock retail shelves more quickly and accurately creates greater opportunity for sales ± Saved 60 percent on space in distribution center CASE STUDY Throttleman is a European fashion retailer with attitude. Throttleman-branded clothing for men, kids and women is known for original, fresh design, but what’s stylish now can quickly fade from view. CHALLENGE To stay ahead of trends, Throttleman needs to get its distinctive, original styles to its stores quickly and keep the shelves stocked with the hottest items. To meet these objectives, Throttleman needed to reduce the lead time for receiving clothing into its distribution centers. As the company was adding new lines of clothing, stock in the distribution centers was growing, and space was growing scarce. Additionally, Throttleman didn’t always have an instant picture of the items actually in its distribution center compared to what the ERP system showed was in stock. To meet these challenges, Throttleman integrated RFID into its global supply chain. SOLUTION
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ThrotlleSupplyChain - C AS E ST U DY European Retailer...

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