Portfolio Directions (Fall 10)

Portfolio Directions (Fall 10) -...

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Everything you need to know about the portfolio… Portfolio Assembly: -Portfolios will be submitted via email, so you do not need to print out or hand in a physical copy of your final portfolio. -Instead, put final drafts of all of your papers into a single Word file (it must be a Word file; no other format will be accepted), with your letter at the beginning and other papers after it in the correct order (see next step). -Order your papers in this way: (1) portfolio letter, (2) textual analysis, (3) researched argument, (4) informal essay, and (5) email challenges . I will have your in-class essay, so you don’t need to worry about that. -Since all of your pieces will be in one file, page numbers will be continuous across the papers. For example, if you begin with your letter and then include your papers in the proper order (see the previous step), the first page of your RA might wind up being page 10 of your portfolio. That’s ok. -The name of the portfolio file (the single Word file containing all of your work in the proper order) should
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Portfolio Directions (Fall 10) -...

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