Extra Credit (Fall 10)

Extra Credit (Fall 10) - ExtraCreditOption:SamplePaperFiles...

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Extra Credit Option: Sample Paper Files To assist me in teaching, I want to collect sample student writings from the genres we have worked on in this class. These pieces would be used for instructional purposes and with complete anonymity. Papers of all quality levels are useful. What You Do: Submit your e-portfolio as required (see separate portfolio directions sheet, which should be posted soon after this one) If you have any earlier drafts that might be of interest (especially misguided earlier drafts that might be contrasted usefully with your polished later ones), send them to me as attachments to a separate email (please note: one email with any earlier drafts you’re sending, not separate emails with each draft). In the subject heading of that email, include the words “extra credit” and “early drafts” along with your name, class, and section #. Give those early draft paper files titles based on your name, the genre of the paper, and the number of the draft. A file containing an early Textual Analysis draft from a student called Jane
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Extra Credit (Fall 10) - ExtraCreditOption:SamplePaperFiles...

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