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Proposal Sheet for RA (Fall 10)

Proposal Sheet for RA (Fall 10) - Researched Argument Topic...

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Researched Argument- Topic Proposals Proposals for Two Possible Topics Due: during your conference on 10/26 or 10/27 Proposals Second Draft (if necessary) Due In Class: 10/28 Assignment: To make sure you don’t wind up doing a great deal of work on a topic that won’t succeed, I’ve given this assignment a formal proposal process. Before you go ahead and write your paper, you’ll have to propose two possible paper ideas to me (yes, I did say two!). If I approve both of your topics, you can take your pick and proceed; if I approve only one, you can only proceed with the approved topic. If both of your proposed topics seem to need adjustment, or a complete rethinking, I’ll return your proposals and ask that you make modifications, possibly even change directions, and submit new proposals before you can go ahead with the paper. Each proposal (again, you’re writing two) must include answers to all of the following questions—that means two sets of answers (one for each topic): 1) a description of your topic
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