RA Assignment Sheet (Fall 09)

RA Assignment Sheet (Fall 09) - Major Assignment #3- The...

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Unformatted text preview: Major Assignment #3- The Researched Argument Due Dates: See the course calendar for all due dates. Assignment: Write a 6+ page thesis-driven argument for your point of view on an approved pop culture topic, drawing on at least six sources and strictly following MLA format (see the sample paper in web MLA guide listed in the course packet). IMPORTANT NOTE: I will only accept your second draft if…-it is stapled,-you have typed (not handwritten afterward!) page numbers in the upper right hand corner,-you have written your name in only one place—on the back of the last page, near the bottom in small letters, and-you have written your class and section number on the first page. Format Options: Your argument could accomplish one, or a combination of more than one, of the following aims: 1) Analyze carefully the benefits and harms of a specific pop culture figure or movement. 2) Make a case about how a specific figure, movement, or phenomenon affects/impacts a group of people. 3) Make a case explaining the complex factors you consider to be behind the emergence of a particular phenomenon, figure, or larger movement. 4) Make a case arguing whether or not a specific phenomenon, figure, or movement has artistic value, merit, or underpinnings (i.e., it is influenced by art in some way)....
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RA Assignment Sheet (Fall 09) - Major Assignment #3- The...

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