Course Calendar (Fall 10 updated with locations)

Course Calendar (Fall 10 updated with locations) - WRT 102...

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Unformatted text preview: WRT 102 COURSE CALENDAR ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Week #1 Tue 8/31 In Class: expectations and hopes / the syllabus / defining pop culture HW Due Next Class: 1) Log into our blackboard page (see the explanation on page 3 of the syllabus) and bookmark it so you can return later. 2) Carefully reread the syllabus (if you dont have your copy from class, you can find it in course documents on blackboard, where everything I post on blackboard will be unless I specifically state otherwise) on your own to be ready for the syllabus quiz next class. Note: if you dont pass the syllabus quiz, you wont receive homework credit next class. 3) Complete and sign the student info sheet/class contract handed out in class and available on blackboard (also in course documents). 4) Type up a short personal intro piece following the directions on the bottom of the student info sheet. 5) Staple your completed info sheet and intro piece together, info sheet on top, and bring to class. 6) Open or download the course calendar document (in the course documents section) so you know where to look for homework assignments, due dates, and meeting locations in the future. You dont have to print a copy, but you might want to. 7) Print the Informal Essay assignment sheet and bring it with you next class. 8) Do some thinking and jot down some ideas about your writing process: What kind of process do you normally follow? How many stages does it have? How much time do you spend on each stage? How well does it usually work for you? Etc. You dont need to type this up, but be prepared to discuss your thinking and your answers to those questions in detail in class. (Note, for this and all similar situations in the future: you may need the latest version of Word, or a compatibility pack, to open some documents. As a student, you can get Word 07 for free at the store in the SAC and should probably do so. It is your responsibility to do what you need to do to access documents and, if you still have trouble, to find someone who can help. Do not stop at the first sign of difficulty and assume its ok to come to class without the document). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Thu 9/2 In Class: HW checked and collected / Syllabus quiz and discussion / Blackboard problems discussed / Discussion of Informal Essay / discussion of writing process and the first rule / prewriting strategies HW Due Next Class: 1) Try out different prewriting strategies to generate ideas and then create a plan for the IE...
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This note was uploaded on 02/15/2011 for the course WRT 102 taught by Professor Frost during the Fall '08 term at SUNY Stony Brook.

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Course Calendar (Fall 10 updated with locations) - WRT 102...

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