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W102- Punctuation Practice (Spr 09)

W102- Punctuation Practice (Spr 09) - sent ences is one...

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Four reasons you should care about punctuation: 1) Improper punctuation makes it  more likely your reader will misunderstand what you’re saying . Properly punctuating your sentences is one thing you can do to make that less likely. 2) It may not be fair, but poor punctuation implies that you didn’t put much effort into the paper, that you’re okay with sloppy work , and even that you’re not an especially responsible or thorough person . Proper punctuation implies that you proofread your paper carefully and, more generally, that you are responsible and thorough . 3) Improper punctuation can distract your reader from good content . Proper punctuation can’t make up for poor content, but at least  your reader will be impressed by  the level of polish, which can make the content seem slightly better . 4) Some have suggest ed that knowing the rules of punctuation can make you a more confident writer . You’ll certainly be less hesitant and uncertain when constructing sentences, which can only help your writing. Some Common Punctuation Problems   (mostly taken from A Writer’s Reference , by Diana Hacker) A panda eats, shoots and leaves. If you cook Elmer will do the dishes. While we were eating a rattlesnake approached our campsite. Using Conjunctions to Connect Independent Clauses: Nearly everyone has heard of love at first sight but I fell in love at first dance. A good money manager controls expenses and invests surplus dollars to meet future needs. After Introductory word groups: When Irwin was ready to eat his cat jumped onto the table and started to purr. Near a small stream at the bottom of the canyon we discovered an abandoned shelter. To Separate Items in a Series: Bubbles of air leaves ferns bits of wood and insects are often found trapped in amber. My uncle willed me all of his property house and warehouses. To Set Off Adjective clauses: Ed’s country house which is located on thirteen acres was completely furnished. An office manager for a corporation that had government contracts asked her supervisor for permission to reprimand her coworkers for smoking. Phrases functioning as adjectives: The helicopter with its 100,000-candlepower spotlight illuminating the area circled above. One corner of the attic was filled with newspapers dating from the 1920s.
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