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W102- Thesis Handout (Fall 09)

W102- Thesis Handout (Fall 09) - Athesisis(1)aconcise(),,of...

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A thesis is… (1) a concise (probably no more than 3 sentence) statement of your argument—or, if it is not an argumentative paper, of  what ground the paper will cover.   (2) a roadmap telling your reader the  content structure , and  order  of your paper.   It also   …is the single most important passage in your paper,  … should be, once you’ve written it,  your  guide to how you want your paper to be structured …is typically the last sentence(s) of your first paragraph …must strike a balance between hyper-specificity and vagueness. Here’s an example: “Rafferty is correct when he says that the best versions of films should be shown in theaters, but he fails to recognize that DVD’s can deepen our understanding of films, and he doesn’t give the medium enough credit for making widescreen format the norm.” Thesis Statements from  www.nytimes.com  on 9.3.09 Editorial Dick Cheney’s Version There should be a full investigation into the orders to approve torture, as well as the legal briefs that justified those policies. G.O.P. Support May Be Vital to Obama on Afghan War By HELENE COOPER Congressional Democrats are reporting disenchantment among constituents with a long Afghanistan conflict, but national security hawks still back the president. Roosevelt: The Great Divider By JEAN EDWARD SMITH Franklin Roosevelt understood that governing involved choice and that choice engendered dissent. It is time for the Obama administration to make some hard choices. Imitate That Zipper! Rick Owens’s brand of future chic has made him fashion’s trendsetter. Just ask the copycats. Kennedy Memoir Doesn’t Ignore Lows By CARL HULSE and JOHN M. BRODER In a memoir being published this month, Senator Edward M. Kennedy does not shy from some of the less savory aspects of his life.
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