Syllabus (Fall 10)

Syllabus (Fall 10) - WRT 102 Intermediate Writing Workshop...

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Unformatted text preview: WRT 102: Intermediate Writing Workshop Section 32: Tuesday/Thursday, 8:20-9:40a.m., Humanities 3008 (with many exceptionssee the course calendar!) Section 68: Tuesday/Thursday, 11:20a.m.-12:40p.m., Humanities 3008 (with many exceptionssee the course calendar!) Section 70: Tuesday/Thursday, 2:20-3:40p.m., SBS N118 (with many exceptionssee the course calendar!) Instructor: Mr. Calvey Office: HUM 2032 Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday from 9:50-10:35a.m. and 1:25-2:10p.m. Email: [email protected] (Note: Most topics are not urgent and are more easily discussed in person, so email only if your issue cannot wait until next class/office hours. If you email after 4pm or on Saturday, do not expect a reply until the next day) Required Course Texts: The one required book (which is very reasonably priced!) is available at Campus Books and must be purchased by the end of the first week of class . This book is not optional, nor is it ok for you to wait a few weeks to pick one up, since the bookstore starts sending books back after a few weeks. The course packet is available online through blackboard since its a collection of links to online articles and book sections, you wont have to pay anything for it (hooray for free stuff!). Bring the Johnson book, print copies of packet articles, and course documents from blackboard when relevant. Showing up without a necessary book, article, or course document counts as a missed homework. 1) Everything Bad is Good for You / Steven Johnson / Riverhead Trade / ISBN: 978-1-5-9448194-9 / cost new is $12 2) The Course Packetavailable in the course documents section of Blackboard Required Course Materials: A Folder- for your syllabus, other handouts, and print copies of course packet articles. You bring this to every class. I assume you will bring a class notebook or paper on which to write and pens to every class meeting. Course Overview: So, Why Am I Here? You are in this class to become a more successful college writer, specifically to learn how to do the following: produce texts within common college-level written forms; identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments as they occur in your own or others work; develop well-reasoned arguments; research a topic, develop an argument, and organize supporting details; and revise and improve such texts. The course will focus on five core skill areas: (1) critical/creative thinking, (2) process strategies, (3) rhetorical strategies, (4) genre knowledge, and (5) grammar/mechanics. From the second and third of those core skill areas, we get the two main rules you need to remember to pass this class and succeed as a college writer. One: Never just write one draft and turn it in; always plan first and revise after. Two: Always provide a roadmap at the beginning of your paper and follow it in the rest of the piece. In addition, you will learn about rhetoric (often defined simply as the art of persuasion): where it is used, what it includes (tactics and strategies), why rhetorical efforts succeed or fail, and how to make the best use of it in your own...
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Syllabus (Fall 10) - WRT 102 Intermediate Writing Workshop...

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