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Student Info Sheet (Fall 10)

Student Info Sheet (Fall 10) - Directions Please(very...

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Directions: Please (very neatly!) print complete answers to each of the following questions and, once you have reread the syllabus on your own, sign the contract at the bottom. A homework assignment for next class is in the box at the bottom of the page. Your course and section #: (Circle one) WRT 102.32 WRT 102.68 WRT 102.70 Name: ________________________________ What you’d prefer me to call you:__________________________ Email address you check most frequently: _____________________________________________________________ Your major: (if decided) __________________________ Your class: (circle one) freshman sophomore junior senior Full time or part time student? _________________ When do you expect to graduate? _________________ Birthplace: _____________________ Years in the U.S.____________________ What languages do you speak? 1._____________________ 2.____________________ 3._________________ What grade are you aiming for? ( Be honest . If you’re willing to work for an A, say you’re aiming for an A, but if you’d really be happy with a C+, say so): ______________________________________________________________________________ Have you taken WRT 102 before? (Circle one) Yes No If yes, with what instructor? __________________________ When? ___________ Have you taken WRT 101 before? (Circle one) Yes No If yes, with what instructor? __________________________ When? ___________ **I accept, as a contract, the terms presented in the course syllabus, which I have read thoroughly and understand.
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