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Span 250 Syllabus - Spanish 250 001 Composition and...

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Spanish 250 – 001 Composition and Conversation I LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO SPAN 250-001 (2921) Professor : Rafael Ortiz-Calderón Spring - 2011 Office Hours : M/W 10:15AM – 12:15 M/W/F 9:20 – 10:10 E-mai l: [email protected] Dumbach Hall - Room 124 Phone : (773) 600.38.54 Required Materials 1. Any array of articles, editorial pieces, and short literary texts to be handed out via Blackboard or in class. Please buy a multi-use folder to collect and organize all material . 2. Dozier, Iguina. Manual de gramática . Fourth ed. Thomson/Heinle, Boston, 2003. Recommended Materials Websites: Diccionarios, ; Course Description: This is an intermediate-level course intended to prepare students for more advanced study of the Spanish language and for courses in literature and culture. In this course, students are expected to participate intensively and actively in the exciting challenge of learning to express themselves effectively and with increasing sophistication in Spanish. A significant grammar component will enable students to strengthen their foundation and gain greater accuracy and confidence in the use of the language. Course materials are challenging and stimulating. They include a variety of language-building readings, assignments, and classroom activities, the use of film and music for cultural enrichment, and an introduction to Hispanic poetry and newspaper articles. The interactive classroom format highlights discussion, student presentations, and small group work. Students are expected to consult the grammar review text when writing and revising their compositions, and before preparing oral presentations. All work for this course is to be carried out in Spanish. This is a required course for Spanish majors. Prerequisite: Spanish 104 or equivalent . Course Objectives 1. To develop your conversational skills in Spanish through student presentations, role-playing, and small group discussion of reading and video assignments. 2. To develop your writing skills in Spanish through systematic attention to principles and techniques of composition, and through correcting your own written work. 3. To develop your analytical, interpretive, and reading skills through a coordinated, interactive approach to learning that utilizes a variety of teaching strategies and media resources. 4. To introduce representative themes in Hispanic culture and literature.
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This note was uploaded on 02/15/2011 for the course SPAN 250 taught by Professor Ortiz-calderon during the Spring '11 term at Loyola Chicago.

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Span 250 Syllabus - Spanish 250 001 Composition and...

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