Teams II-Lecture

Teams II-Lecture - Teams II Case Study: Shipping Industry...

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Teams II Case Study: Shipping Industry Accounting Team o Team formed from the merger of three accounting firms o One member from each firm o Team members distributed in a virtual team o Narrator – Boston o Brad – Los Angeles o Susan – Seattle Task Design o Is the goal of the team clearly defined and shared by all team members? o Is the task motivating? o What is the degree of interdependence (task and outcome) between team members? Team Design o How many people should be on the team? o What characteristics should team members have? o What level of diversity is optimal within the team? Social Loafing o What is it? o Also known as “free-riding”
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o The tendency for individuals to expend less effort when working collectively than when working individually. o How to avoid it? o Evaluate and reward team members for their individual contribution to the team o Limit group size o Motivate team members toward a common purpose Team Member Characteristics o Roles o A set of expected behavior patterns for specific context o Team roles are expected behaviors in which individuals engage in a team o Personality o Skills/Abilities o Technical expertise (task specific) o Problem-solving and decision making o Interpersonal Organizational Context
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Teams II-Lecture - Teams II Case Study: Shipping Industry...

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