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Scenarios-Lecture - As a team leader you have encouraged...

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Unformatted text preview: ' As a team leader, you have encouraged team members to work directly with each other to discuss issues instead of always coming to you. ' However, you have noticed that some team members are very uncomfortable working directly with other group members, or even making decisions on issues on their own; instead they always want to come through you because as the leader of the group, they think it is important to address any problems directly with you. ' This is frustrating because some things could be dealt with without your involvement. ' You notice that some team members are very risk adverse and tend to gravitate toward the “proven” solutions. ' You are frustrated because you were hoping that the team would use the different backgrounds of everyone on the team to think creatively and come up with ground-breaking new ideas, even if they involved some risk. ' Your project is reaching a critical stage and you need everyone to work weekends for the next two months. ' You are frustrated that you are getting considerable resistance from several team members to this idea. ' They believe that you are being inconsiderate of them and their families. ' Your project team has recently successfully completed a project. You take the team out to dinner. ' At the dinner you ask one team member, who has done particularly good work, to stand. You recognize the team member with a small gift for her exceptional work on the team. ' The team member looks extremely uncomfortable. ...
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