Intro-Lecture - Introduction to Organizational Behavior...

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Introduction to Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior Definition o The study of the impact that organizational, group, and individual factors have on attitudes and performance in organizations, for the purpose of applying that knowledge to improving organizational effectiveness o …. NEED AN EVIDENCE-BASED, SYSTEMATIC APPROACH Course Roadmap WHY STUDY OB? 1. It’s a skill set that companies want 2. It matters – a lot! 3. …and it’s not getting any easier 4. It will be your job 5. It’s a required course What Managers Do o Managerial Functions (Henri Fayol) o Planning, decision making, organizing, staffing, communicating, motivating, leading, controlling o Managerial Roles (Henry Mintzberg) o Interpersonal, informational, decisional o Management Skills (Robert Katz) o Technical, human, conceptual Challenges For OxB o Globalization o Workforce diversity o More change
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o Higher requirements for increased quality, productivity, and customer service o Greater focus on ethical behavior
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Intro-Lecture - Introduction to Organizational Behavior...

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