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Midterm 2 CS105 Fall 2010 November 2 nd , 2010 DO NOT START UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. YOU WILL LOSE POINTS IF YOU START WORKING ON THE TEST BEFORE WE TELL YOU. THIS IS A 60 MINUTE EXAM. Do not leave this blank—fill it in now: Name: Discussion Section: TA: FORM A On the scantron: Use only a #2 pencil; otherwise, your exam won't be graded. Bubble in the Form Letter above!!! Bubble in your name and your NetID !!! Write your TA's name (of the section you attend) in the instructor slot and your section number in the section slot. Your section number is in the table provided at the bottom of this page. About the test: The exam consists of 15 pages (including this page). Check that your copy is complete, and ask for a replacement if it is not. Make sure you look at all the pages. You will have 60 minutes to FILL IN THE SCANTRON for the exam. You may not use any books, notes, or other references for this exam. NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED DURING THE EXAM. At the end of the exam, stop writing and put down your pencil when time is called. Hand in both the scantron and all the pages of the exam booklet. NO CALCULATORS OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED. TURN OFF CELL PHONES AND PAGERS. IF A CELL PHONE RINGS, DO NOT ANSWER IT!! Discussion section numbers and name of the TA whose lab you attend: Time Wednesday Thursday Friday 9:00 am 105-Chia-Chi Lin 114-Yi-Shuan Chen 10:00 am 106-Aditya Zutshi 115-Yi-Shuan Chen 11:00 am 107-Aditya Zutshi 116-Kai Zhao 12:00 pm 108-Michael Turnley 117-Kai Zhao 1:00 pm 109-Michael Turnley 118-Manish Yadav 2:00 pm 110-Sharat Nagaraja 119-Manish Yadav 3:00 pm 101-Karthik Ananth 111-Chinmay Sapre 120-Muntasir Rahman 4:00 pm 102-Chaitanya Date 112-Karthik Ananth 121-Muntasir Rahman 5:00 pm 103-Ankeeth Ved 113-Chinmay Sapre 6:00 pm 104-Ankeeth Ved NOTES: 1. Always choose one answer, the most correct choice of the answers offered. 2. For all questions with code fragments, the line numbers on the left are NOT part of the code. 3. Assume that any variables shown have been declared according to the course convention .
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Midterm 2 CS105 Fall 2010 VBA Use the following code fragment to answer the NEXT TWO questions. 1: Dim mstrPara As String 2: 3: Function Records(intID As Integer) As String 4: If intID < 10 Then 5: Records = "Available" .6: Else 7: Records = "Not Available" 8: End If 9: End Function 10: 11: Private Sub cmdButton_Click() 12: Dim intX as Integer 13: intX = Range("A1").Value 14: _____________________________________ 15: MsgBox mstrPara & intX 16: End Sub 1. Given the above function named Records , what is its return type? a. Boolean b. Integer c. String d. Double 2. To call the function named Records from the cmdButton_Click subprocedure and make the code run without error, what code should be filled in line 14? a.
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Fall_2010_CS105_MT2_FormA - Midterm 2 CS105 Fall 2010...

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