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SpeechNotes - -The pasta is just as versatile while still...

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Intro - Hungry stomach, so many decisions, indoor or outdoor - Timothy Lockyer in “The Dining Experience: critical areas of guest satisfaction” show the importance of ambience to one’s dining - Originally intended to simply be an intermediary between the Lighthouse and 19 Market Place, it thrives…. - I your humble server will guide you through the different stations in order to teach you and maximize your knowledge and pleasure while eating at the Garden Grille Point 1: Salad Bar & Soup/Sandwich - Salad Bar…healthy…why people go wrong o Croutons, chow mein noodles, tri-tip, and drenched in dressing o Alternatives: sun dried tomato basil and other things - Healthy changing soups - Daily sandwich Point 2: Entrée & Pasta - Two of the favorites - Versatility of the Entrée changing everyday o Calpolycorporation.com under garden grille link
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Unformatted text preview: -The pasta is just as versatile while still remain firm bastion of stability in this ever changing group of menus o Favorites like marinara or chicken pesto, but new sauces like Chicken Alfredo combined with the specialty pasta of the day like Lasagna-According to the Chef Bill, 200 pounds of pasta in a day…that’s a lot of pasta o And he is quoted saying “While students may consume really large amounts of pasta, we still just love making it for them” Point 3: The Grill-Last but not least, welcomed by your grill order person-Explain grill order pickup slip-Freshman 15-Daily Special Closing:-Alan Cushman Assosciate Director of Campus Dining said no rush on it closing down but just hurry-And enjoy your experience there...
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