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Assignment 2 - in the class Thank you As you can notice the...

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Plot the population growth rate over the past 20-30 years. Has the population growth rate changed over this period of time? Is one of the reasons discussed in class (women's education, decline of agriculture, reduction in infant mortality) consistent with the changes you observe, or is there an alternative explanation? You don't need to "prove" a particular link, but you should try to make a reasoned argument for why the growth rate has changed. For countries where the population growth rate has been fairly stable, you should discuss whether the underlying factors are stable, or if there is some other factor that is probably critical for population growth (ie. immigration, one-child policy in China, etc.). Please copy your answer directly into a post, rather than posting it as a separate attachment. This makes reading the discussion answers easier for both me, and the others
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Unformatted text preview: in the class. Thank you. As you can notice, the population growth rate for Pakistan has been relatively stable. It increased in 1961, and remained constant till 1994 for about 33 years. It then declined in 1995 and remained constant again until 2009. The above chart is showing the data of a decline in the fertility rate in Pakistan over the past 30 years. Looking at it, we can easily interpret that it is strongly correlated with the decline in the country’s growth rate. The graph above is the percentage of female enrollment in primary school in Pakistan which is relatively high indicating that females in this country are well educated. This can also contribute as a factor for decline in the fertility rate since females are able to get jobs and have a good income, so now giving births has a cost attached to it....
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