ec307-syllabus - EC307 Economic Growth Syllabus Winter 2011...

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1 Course Details 1.1 Instructor: Ken Jackson Office: P3104; Phone: ext. 2316 E-mail: via My Learning Space, or [email protected] Website:; or Office hours (subject to change): Tuesday-Thursday, 10:00-11:00am, or by appointment. 1.2 Course Description This course examines the factors influencing long-term economic growth. The first half of the course will focus on theoretical analysis, while the second half will take a more empirical approach. The goal of the course is for students to engage with both the theoretical analysis and the empirical facts in understanding global differences in economic growth. 1.3 Text and Readings The primary text for this course is: David N.Weil, Economic Growth, Addison-Wesley (2009) Web Site: There is also a series of required readings, with one article listed each week. The titles in the schedule below are linked in the online version available on MyLearningSpace. 2 Evaluation There are three main areas of evaluation for this course; a policy brief, a term-long country study, and exams. 1. Policy Brief - 33% A policy brief on a topic related to economic growth. Detailed instructions on the assignment can be found on the course website. January 21st, 8am - Paper Proposal February 14th, 8am - First Draft; February 18th, 4pm - Peer-editing ( 4%) March 14th, 8am - Second Draft; March 18th, 4pm
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ec307-syllabus - EC307 Economic Growth Syllabus Winter 2011...

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