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Assignment # One Due Jan. 27 in class. Lateness will be penalized. 1. As we mentioned earlier, economists often are engaged in policy issues which may be partly normative in nature. For your first assignment, you will select one of the following short policy articles found on the website of the C.D. Howe Foundation and write a short (3-4 pages) assessment of the article. (double sided) The Payoff: Returns to University, College and Trades Education in Canada, 1980 to 2005 Boothby, Daniel and Torben Drewes Freeing up Food: The Ongoing Cost, and Potential Reform, of Supply Management Robson, William B.P., and Colin Busby Not Here? Housing Market Policy and the Risk of a Housing Bust
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Unformatted text preview: MacGee, Jim The Loonie's Flirtation with Parity: Prospects and Policy Implications Bergevin, Philippe and Colin Busby The assessment should include • A brief discussion of what the article is arguing – a page long • A discussion of what economics theory is used to substantiate the argument – whats an economic article vs ordinary article – economic theory (supply and demand) • An assessment of how convincing you find the articles with any areas that you think are less strong – what you think of the article – not personal opinion… is the article valid? • No references required • Email to email...
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