Lecture 2 - Types of Empirical Research

Lecture 2 - Types of Empirical Research - Types of...

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Types of Empirical Research Social science uses many different types of empirical research. 1. Case-Study Descriptive Research In the beginning is description. Before we know anything about a problem, we must start by understanding it in a general way. Many economists would regard description as only an early stage in the research process and there is some validity to this. Descriptive research cannot create general laws or conclusions that can be extended beyond the particular case. However case studies can be very useful. There are events that cannot easily be repeated or duplicated and trying to describe and understand them can be very helpful. This could include a study of a particular industry or a particular event in history. 2. Classification Research Classification is the process of sorting out a group of people or objects and of developing a set of categories that would divide this collection. Again it is often part of a larger research project, but occasionally is an end in itself. The importance of classification came from the work of Sir Francis Bacon who argued for inductive logic which involved collecting large quantities of data and classifying the. It is not much used in modern economics. 3. Measurement and Estimation
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Lecture 2 - Types of Empirical Research - Types of...

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