HLTH130 lecture 1

HLTH130 lecture 1 - on it) B) non-medical or existential,...

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HLTH130: Changing Nature of What Constitutes Health,  Illness, and Disease – Lecture 1 What does it mean to be healthy?                        Feb. 3, 2011 -partially means the absence of disease b/c what is “disease”? What if you  are unaware of having a disease? What is Illness? - external and internal face to illness How does illness differ from disease? Article: Health, disease and illness: matters for definition Health: -W.H.O. undefinable terms -   Easier to define non-health, biological framework   -Define health in functional terms – “normal” functioning – what is normal? Disease: -Physics and Chemistry -Internal state, impairment or reduction of functional abilities Illness: -Subjectivity experienced phenomenon -Can diseased without being ill – (i.e. silent hypertension) -2 categories: A) medical (more respectable – has definite morality imposed 
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Unformatted text preview: on it) B) non-medical or existential, arising from personal difficulties. • Importance of context in understand health (i.e. economic, cultural, political) • Concept of health and illness are largely socially constructed. • What conditions do we now think of as disease or pub. Health problems that haven’t always been: violence, alcoholism, ADHA, shortness, premenstrual syndrome, homosexuality, etc. • Inequalities in provision of healthcare largely reflection of unequal distribution of social and political power • Much of the global/local inequality in health reflects unequal distribution of political, social and economic resources • Biomedical view -> socioecological view • Global heath, health and development, “community-based” vs. “community placed”...
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HLTH130 lecture 1 - on it) B) non-medical or existential,...

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