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Class Date 1 5-Jan-11 Course Introduction Preview of course goals and content Module 1 - The Entrepreneur as an Individual Myths about entrepreneurs 2 10-Jan-11 The mindset of the entrepreneur Attributes of entrepreneurs 3 12-Jan-11 The Entrepreneurial giveback 17-Jan-11 No class - ML King Day 4 19-Jan-11 Leadership in the entreropeneurial environment Guest lecturers: Tracy Shank; Kristin Hadeed 24-Jan-11 Exam - Module 1 - No class on Exam Day 8:20pm - 9:50pm Module 2 - Entrepreneurial Culture 5 26-Jan-11 Cultural comparison of management styles 6 31-Jan-11 Intrepreneurship Designing a customer experience 7 2-Feb-11 Formation of an enterprise 8 7-Feb-11 Leadership in the entreropeneurial environment Guest lecturer: Collin Austin (New Scooters4Less) 9 9-Feb-11 The evolution of new business The age of the gazelles Essay # 1 Assignment (Due Date 4:59:00 PM 2/16) 14-Feb-11 Leadership in the entreropeneurial environment (Not on Exam 2) Guests: Tre McIntyer Project 14-Feb-11 Exam - Module 2
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