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office hours spring 2011 - Location BRY 225B Bryan 225 is...

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ENT 3003 Spring 2011 Office Hours Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 2 Jackie A. 3 Jose R. Patrick C. Jose R. Patrick C. 4 Sarah A. Audra M. Bennett A. Cristina S. 5 Sarah A. Tiffany F. Nick F. Cristina S. 6 Paul M. George S. Nathan C. Nick F. George S. 7 Paul M. Tyler R. Nathan C. Tiffany F. Julia S. 8 Rodrigo Kelsey F. Rodrigo Julia S. 9 Jesse R. Kelly G. Jesse R. Smriti Jackie A.
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Unformatted text preview: Location: BRY 225B Bryan 225 is on the second floor of Bryan Hall. Bryan 225B is on the second floor of 225, technically the third floor of the building (confusing I know). The easiest way to get there is to take the elevator located on the ground floor of Bryan Hall. Our TA desk / computer will have a sign on it that says “ENT 3003."...
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  • Week-day names, Jesse R. Patrick C. Audra M. Tiffany F. George S. Tyler R. Kelsey F. Kelly G. Jose R. Bennett A. Nick F. Nathan C. Nathan C. Rodrigo Jesse R. Smriti, Rodrigo Jesse R., Cristina S. Cristina, Jackie A. Patrick C. Cristina S. Cristina S. Nick F. Tiffany F, Jesse R. Patrick

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