Same-Sex Marriage

Same-Sex Marriage - Intro Begin with the story of Ibo, a...

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Intro - Begin with the story of Ibo, a homosexual man who was a great person in my childhood - Now we have learned from our past mistakes that separation is not equality through our problems with the Jim Crowe laws yet we continuously push forth in the same errors of the past o We separate those individuals who are different which we do not yet comprehend and ban them of the basic liberties with the most important being the pursuit of happiness. - How can any individual go against same-sex marriage is wrong and cause such injustice to another couple out in the world who has done them no wrong? o There is no reason why same sex marriages should be banned in the U.S. and I will within my speech show all social, economical and even moral reasons why the banning of such a vital right as marriage for all is simply wrong! Social - Socially it is believed to be unacceptable a.) The Declaration of Independence, the founding paper that created this country, stated clearly that all individuals deserve the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness b.) We can clearly see that marriage has and always will be one of these rights to the pursuit of happiness that all individuals have the inherent right to with no barring of such a vital freedom - The arguments made against gay marriage is that it will ruin the society in general causing degradation not only to marriage but to the society as a whole o Now lets examine this on two view points logically, first being the institution of marriage followed by effects on society Now the first being the institution on marriage Countries around the world such as Belgium, Spain and Canada have legalized it and their marriage rates are still
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Same-Sex Marriage - Intro Begin with the story of Ibo, a...

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