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FAQs about RTV3411 - the module ends on the schedule. 5....

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Frequently Asked Questions for RTV 3411 Race, Class, Gender and Media 1. How do I use the E-learning tools (such as Assessments, Assignments, Discussions)? There is a folder in the course content page that gives instructions for using all of the main E-learning tools. 2. My computer keeps getting an error or a warning sign suggesting that my equipment is not compatible. What do I do? Your best option is be to contact the UF Helpdesk at 392-4357(HELP).Your instructor cannot help with most computer-related issues. 3. During which days are the modules available? The class schedule runs from 12:00 a.m. Mondays until 11:59 p.m. Sundays (when are all assignments are due). 4. If a module spans multiple weeks, will we have a discussion post due each week of the module? No. One discussion post is due for each module and can be completed at any point before
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Unformatted text preview: the module ends on the schedule. 5. Would a show like Dancing with the Stars be acceptable as an informational media product for the media analysis project? No. The point of the analysis is to compare informational media content, so the products have to focus on information dissemination. 6. I’m having difficulty viewing the video links on my computer. What can I do? They have all been tested using the Firefox browser on a PC. You should try to access them using those tools or contact the help desk at 392-4357 if you need additional assistance. 7. I’m not sure how to turn in my media analysis project. What do I do? See the guidelines and tutorial for submitting to Turnitin.com on the main course page....
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